All 50 Security Drone Locations In Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph

All 50 Security Drone Locations In Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph has arrived and it’s time to reunite with everyone’s favorite, murderous Warmind, Rasputin. Revolving around repairing the broken remnants of Rasputin, players will need to team up with Clovis and Ana Bray to fix one of the Vanguard’s strongest allies. This week a new exotic weapon, Revision Zero, became available for players to hunt down and unlock. While this gun aims to be the most customizable exotic in the history of the game, Revision Zero also serves a secondary purpose. Throughout different destinations are yellow security drones that you can destroy with this pulse rifle. Doing so will make progress toward the Drones Destroyed triumph and eventually unlock an exotic Sparrow for finding them all.

Keep in mind you must use Revision Zero to destroy these drones. No other weapon or ability will damage them, so make sure to go unlock this exotic first. Additionally, at the time of writing this 12 of the 50 drones are currently unavailable through normal means. We will go over how you snag these early via exploits, but this will be at the end of the guide. So if you’re looking to obtain the Seraph title, here’s the location of all 50 security drones in Destiny 2:

(Author’s Note: Photos for each security drone location are above the text, not below.)

Europa Security Drones (1-10)

Destiny 2 Security Drones

1. Over the Pyramind in Beyond

The first drone is located in the Beyond patrol zone where the Exo Stranger hangs out. When you arrive, drive your Sparrow towards the large pyramid that you communed with in the Beyond Light expansion. Over the stairs, you will see the first security drone hovering in the air.

Destiny 2 Security Drones

2. Cadmus Ridge Entrance

Now make your way up to Cadmus Ridge via the Charon’s Crossing connecting route. As you drive north, you will eventually reach this patrol zone. In the distance, you’ll see the next security drone on a small, icy mountain just underneath one of the metal structures. This one can be a bit hard to find if you aren’t driving up from the Charon’s Crossing patrol zone, so make sure to start there.

Destiny 2

3. Bray Exoscience Entrance

Stay in Cadmus Ridge and head west towards the Bray Exoscience building. At the entrance, you will find the drone to the left behind some of the destroyed walls. You’ll need to get close to see the drone behind the destroyed wall by the door. Do not go into the Bray Exoscience building, it’s located outside of this structure.

4. The End of the Perdition Lost Sector

As the title would suggest, this drone can be found at the very end of the Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge. This is the only Lost Sector in this patrol zone and you can find the drone to the right of the chest after the main boss. Once you nab this drone you can leave Cadmus Ridge.

5. Eventide Ruins Lost Sector Entrance

Make your way up to the Eventide Ruins and go to the Bunker E15 Lost Sector. Before you go inside, look up and to the left when facing the Lost Sector’s entrance. You should see a small ledge that you can jump up onto. The next security drone is tucked away in a corner by some boxes on this walkway.

Security Drone Destiny 2

6. Bunker E15 Lost Sector

The next security drone in Destiny 2 is located inside the Bunker E1 Lost Sector. Go inside this Lost Sector and make your way to the first big room where you free a bunch of robots from the Vex. Before proceeding to the boss room, turn and face the back wall. In the top left corner, there will be a small walkway that leads to a side room. Inside this side, the area is the next drone.

7. Eventide Ruins Raid Entrance

The final security drone in the Eventide Ruins is located by the large hatch you enter through at the start of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. This is located in the northeastern corner of the patrol zone where the two yellow-bar Fallen Captains typically spawn. After dispatching these enemies, you can find the drone nestled next to the hatch on the left. It can be a little hard to see due to the lighting so check the image above if you can’t find it.

Destiny 2

8. Asterion Abyss Mountain

Finally, make your way to the Asterion Abyss patrol zone and head towards the western side of this patrol zone. You’ll see a massive, rocky mountain with some metal structures built into it. Tucked away in a corner on a small ledge is the next drone.

Destiny 2

9. Under the Ice in Asterion Abyss

Now head towards the northern section of Asterion Abyss near the road that leads to the Eventide Ruins. In the icy plain, you will see a cracked portion that has the drone underneath. This can be pretty difficult to find, so make sure to use the image above to help orientate yourself. You should be facing north and the crack will be at the bottom of a small hill.

Destiny 2

10. In the Concealed Void Lost Sector

You can find the last security drone on Europa in the Concealed Void Lost Sector. Enter the Lost Sector and make your way through the activity until you reach the room with the Vex milk on the floor. On one of the platforms, you’ll find the drone stuck between two metal beams.

Heist: Battleground Europa Security Drones (11-16)

Destiny Security Drones

11. Right Before you go into Bray Exoscience

The first drone can be found right before you enter the Bray Exoscience facility. This is directly after the Seraph Tower section, so make your way to the entrance and turn around. On your left, you will see the security drone hovering just below a metal platform.

Destiny 2


12. Tucked in a Corner

When you enter the first main room filled with enemies look in the top left corner of the room. You’ll see the top half of the security drone peaking out from behind a small wall. If you’re struggling to hit it, jump onto one of the consoles or float in the air near it to get a better angle.

Destiny 2 Security Drone

13. In the Red Hallway

After you clear the first room, proceed forward until you reach a long red-colored hallway. Before you take the first left, check behind the large crate in the middle of the hall. You’ll find the next drone hiding behind it.

14. Behind the Pillar

In the next main chamber, you’ll have another swam of Hive attack you. After clearing them all out you will find the drone underneath the catwalk on the left. Behind one of the pillars, you will find the next security drone next to the glass wall.

15. By the Annihilator Totem

Keep going forward until you reach the massive room where you have to jump across large platforms. Go towards the large Annihilator Totem on the left and look over the edge. Along the left wall, you’ll see another security drone floating over the bottomless drop.

16. Next to Clovis’ Big Head

The last security drone in this Heist: Battleground is located in the room where Clovis’ massive head is being attacked. To the right of Clovis’ head you’ll see the drone by the ledge you jump off, Make sure to shoot it before hopping down to the Warmind bunker below, otherwise, you’ll need to do the battleground again.

Moon Security Drones (17-27)

17. On the Archer’s Line Pipe

Now head to the Moon and make your way northwest toward the Archer’s Line patrol Zone. In the middle of this area, there is a massive series of pipes that are broken in various spots. Climb onto these pipes and follow them toward the base. You’ll find the security drone at the very end.

18. In the K1 Logistics Lost Sector

Now enter the K1 Logistics Lost Sector in Archer’s Line and fight your way to the boss room. At the very end where the large Servitor is located, you can find the floating security drone on the right over a small building.

19. Near the Anchor of Light Ketch

Now head to the Anchor of Light patrol zone to the east. When you arrive, continue eastward towards the large, downed Ketch. Outside of this ship, you’ll see the drone resting on one of the catwalks leading inside.

20. Above the Fallen Base

Staying in the Anchor of Light, go to the other side of this patrol zone and approach the large Fallen Base to the west. At the very top near the base of the radio tower, you’ll see another security drone.

21. Sorrow’s Harbor Cliff

The next Destiny 2 security drone is in the Sorrow’s Harbor patrol zone. Head to this location and then go to the east side of the patrol zone until you reach the cliff. Run north along the cliff until you hit a set of stairs leading up to a large torch. To the right of the torch on a rock will be the security drone.

22. Base of the Crimson Tower

Now head north towards the entrance of the crimson tower. Near the back of the tower, by the hole you jump down to start the Pit of Heresy dungeon, you’ll find the drone behind some spikes. It can be difficult to see, so get a bit closer so you don’t end up shooting the spikes instead of the drone.

23. In the K1 Revelations Lost Sector

While remaining in Sorrow’s Harbor, go into the K1 Revelations Lost Sector and make your way into the large cave. Once inside the main chamber, before you run across the suspended walkways, look to your left. You will see the next drone behind a net. The net won’t block your shots, so just shoot it and leave the Lost Sector.

24. Hellmouth Pit

From Sorrow’s Harbor, head south to the Hellmouth patrol zone. When you arrive, go right towards the Hive structure but do not enter it. Instead, look to the left near the edge of the large pit in the center. You’ll see the drone resting on a small, raised rock.

25. At the Top of the Tower

You can find the next security drone in Destiny 2 by the small Moon base on the southwest side of the Hellmouth. As you approach this area, look for the large radio tower in the center of the base. It will be floating right above the very top of the tower, so it shouldn’t be easy to miss.

26. In the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector

Finally, the last security drone on the Moon is located inside the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector. Make your way through this Lost Sector until you reach an area where you need to jump across a large gap. The drone is on the other end of this gap by the small ramp you run up toward the boss.

Heist: Battleground Moon Security Drones (27-32)

27. On the Hill in the Beginning Battle

When you spawn into this Heist: Battleground, make your way to the first engagement with the Hive. Instead of going down the hill to battle these enemies, stick to the left and run along the raised section on the right. Behind some orange and white fuel containers, you will find the first security drone in this activity. Just make sure to hop back into cover before the Seraph Tower laser kills you!

Destiny 2 Security Drone

28. Down the Ramp

Upon opening the Warmind bunker you’ll need to slide down a very large ramp to a lower floor after going down some stairs. About halfway down this ramp, you will see a large mound of Hive rocks and debris on the left. The security drone is hidden behind this obstacle, so you’ll need to either shoot it as your sliding down or blast it when you reach the bottom of the ramp.

Destiny 2 Security Drone

29. In the Fallen Mine Room

Unsurprisingly, the next security drone is in the room that’s littered with Fallen mines. When you enter, instead of going left, head right into the darker section of this room. Tucked away in the back left corner you’ll find the next drone among some boxes.

Destiny 2 Security Drone

30. Behind the Computers

Keep progressing through the activity until you arrive in a smaller-sized room with a few enemies roaming around. Normally, you’re supposed to go forward and then exit through a door in the back right corner. Before doing that, look to your right as you enter to see a small, sectioned-off area with a bunch of computers. This area should have a light, greenish glow to it. Behind the middle terminal is the next drone.

31. Remote Connection Room Ceiling

When you arrive in the room where you need to defend your Ghost from the waves of enemies, look up towards the ceiling. You will see the thirty-first security drone hovering in the air under a white light. I accidentally shot the drone before taking the photo, so refer to my lore-accurate drawing for where this object is located.

Destiny 2 Security Drone

32. By the Vault Door

Finally, when you enter the room where you need to grab the Warmind orbs to blast off the Hive chains, look to the right side. Way in the back of the room, in an area you cannot reach on foot, you will see the final drone in this activity under an angled piece of metal.

Heist: Battleground Mars Security Drones (33-38)

Destiny 2 Security Drone

33.  By the A Control Tower

At the start of this Heist: Battleground, you will need to defend three different towers from Hive enemies. Approach the Tower marked with an A and go onto the platform where the Annihilator Totem spawns. Behind some crates near the edge of this platform will be the first security drone.

34. On the Road

While you’re still in this encounter, go past the Braytech facility and follow the main road away from the battle. Along the edge of the road on the left, you’ll find the next drone.

35. Braytech Skylight

After all three towers have been captured, make your way inside the Braytech facility. In the lobby when you’re waiting for the door to open, look up at the ceiling. You’ll see a drone hovering just below a large skylight.

36. Before Your Ascension

After you breach the facility, you will eventually go outside and become attacked by the Seraph Towers. Make your way to the large ramp that’s covered in Hive debris, but don’t start actually start heading upwards. Instead, look to the right of the ramp by some stairs leading downward. You’ll find the next security drone in a corner by a yellow ladder.

37. Above the Cable Bridge

Continue climbing upwards through the facility until you need to run across a long cable bridge. If you look up, right before you jump onto the bridge, you’ll see the security drone in the rafters. Be careful during this, as the Seraph Tower will be targeting you for the majority of this section.

38. Right Outside the Vault

Finally, the last Destiny 2 security drone in this activity is right before you enter the chained vault door. Look up to the right by the angled roof and you can see the drone barely peaking out over the top of a railing that wraps around the roof of the facility.

Seraph’s Shield Security Drones (39-50)

At the time of writing this, players are not supposed to have access to these drones. Currently, the only way to get to them is either through exploiting bugs such as using Blink to dodge the laser grids, or abusing out-of-bounds effects. This guide will update when more of the security drones become unlocked through normal means. However, if you simply cannot wait, I recommend using Youtuber Jarv’s video, as it showcases how to access the rest of the drones in Destiny 2.

Author: Jesse Perry