Destiny 2 Best Titan Build Guide for Season of the Witch

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Every time a new season comes in Destiny 2, it brings sandbox changes, new seasonal mods, and new Exotics for each class. Season of the Witch has all three of those things, alongside brand-new Strand Aspects for every class. One of the strongest Strand builds to come out this season is for Titans. In fact, this build was so strong that an integral part of it was one of the things that got disabled for the Crota’s End Raid Race. So, without further ado, here is the best Titan build for Season of the Witch.

destiny-banner of war-build_fanbyte.jpg

Banner of War Titan Build

The Banner of War Titan build is spreading like wildfire in the current PVE sandbox. After seeing it perform in different levels of content, this combination of Aspects and Fragments makes the build shine:

Subclass: Strand, BerserkerGrenade: ShackleAspects: Banner of War and Into the FrayFragments: Thread of Warding, Thread of Generation, Thread of Continuity, Thread of TransmutationExotic Armor: Synthoceps armsArmor Mods: Hands-On, Heavy Ammo Finder, Heavy Handed, Impact Induction, Resistance Mods, Recuperation, Better Already, Invigoration, Outreach x2, ReaperWeapon: Monte Carlo, Kinetic auto rifle

This build revolves around Banner of War, the latest Strand Aspect for Titans, and the first Aspect for our build. Defeating targets with melee final blows, finishers, and swords raises a Banner of War, which periodically pulses with energy that both heals allies and increases outgoing sword and melee damage. There is a timer on the Banner of War, but kills by players or their allies can help recharge it while  increasing the pulse rate. This is by far one of the strongest Aspects in the game as it provides consistent healing and a damage boost for the entire fireteam.

The second Aspect is Into the Fray, which grants Woven Mail to players and their allies upon destroying a Tangle or casting their Super. Moreover, when players have Woven Mail, this Aspect also offers an increased regeneration rate for melees. This Aspect is a no-brainer because melee final blows create Tangles, which can then be turned into Woven Mail that offers you the best damage reduction in the game on top of an increased melee regeneration rate. 

For Fragments, Thread of Warding and Thread of Generation are staples for any Strand build as Thread of Warding offers Woven Mail upon picking up an Orb of Power, and Thread of Generation gives grenade energy for simply damaging a target. The other two Fragments complement the build with Thread of Continuity, offering longer Suspend and Sever debuffs and Thread of Transmutation making Tangles when players have Woven Mail, which can then be used for more Woven Mail.

Shackle grenades are best for this build because they can Suspend enemies and even with the recent nerfs to Suspend — where its duration was reduced — it’s still a strong debuff. Still, Grapple grenades are an option for lower tiers of PVE content or traversal situations.

Since this is a melee-focused build, it would only be right to pair this with Synthoceps, an Exotic arm piece that offers improved melee and Super damage when surrounded. You can use Aeon Safe to generate heavy ammo for your fireteam or even Strongholds if you want to capitalize on the sword aspect of Banner of War alongside the recent buffs to Stronghold and swords. 

The Exotic weapon that would work best for this build is Monte Carlo, whose Exotic trait reduces players’ melee cooldown upon dealing damage with a chance to fully charge their melee upon getting a final blow. It also has a trait called Markov Chain, which gives the weapon increased damage upon getting weapon kills or melee kills. Moreover, in Season of the Witch, Monte Carlo received a catalyst that allows players to use the bayonet for a supercharged melee upon getting five stacks of Markov Chain. 

Titan Build Statsdestiny-banner of war_build_fanbyte.jpg

Finally, here are the stats you should focus on:

Resilience: Aim for 100 Resilience. It offers the maximum possible damage reduction outside of Woven Mail and it is essential for PVE.Discipline: More grenades are always good in PVE and with Shackle Grenades, being able to constantly Suspend enemies is a huge plus.Strength: Since this is a melee build, having a bit more strength than usual doesn’t hurt even though you will  regenerate melee energy through Monte Carlo and Banner of War.Recovery: Even though Banner of War and Woven Mail can protect you, having high Recovery is always helpful.Mobility and Intellect don’t matter as much for this build. 

To get a good idea of what stat splits you can get for this build, I highly suggest D2ArmorPicker since it allows you to input all the parameters of your build and see the stat splits you can get with the armor you already have.

That’s it for the best Titan build in Season of the Witch. Be sure to check out other new builds in Destiny 2. 

Author: Jesse Perry