Destiny 2 Crota’s End Raid Loot Table Guide

destiny 2 crotas end loot table.png

Destiny 2 brought back The Vault of Glass and King’s Fall raids, and now during Season of the Witch, Crota’s End is here. Guardians can jump into the reprised raid from the Legends Destination, where the recommender Power is 1790. The notoriously short Destiny 1 raid has the same encounters, but with modified mechanics.

Similar to other raids and dungeons, Crota’s End has specific weapons and armor pieces to get from different encounters. In addition to those, there’s a post-raid quest that lets players earn additional rewards, including the Kinetic Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle.

Crota’s End Weapons Loot Table

So, here is a list of all possible rewards players can get from completing the Crota’s End raid. Click the image to make it big.

destiny 2 crotas end loot table.pngImage credit: NietCool (Shared with permission)

First Encounter – Abyss/Lamps

Abyss Defiant Legendary Solar auto rifleFang of Ir Yut Legendary Strand scout rifleSong of Ir Yut Legendary Arc machine gunChest, Legs, Class

Second Encounter – Bridge

Swordbreaker Legendary Strand shotgunFang of Ir Yut Legendary Strand scout rifleOversoul Edict Legendary Arc pulse rifleArms, Chest

Third Encoutner – Ir Yut

Word of Crota Legendary Void hand cannonSong of Ir Yut Legendary Arc machine gunOversoul Edict Legendary Arc pulse rifleArms, Chest

Final Encounter – Crota 

Abyss Defiant Legendary Solar auto rifleSwordbreaker Legendary Strand shotgunWord of Crota Legendary Void hand cannonHelm, Arms, Class

The Bottomless Pit quest rewards

Husk of the Pit auto rifleMasterworked Eidolon Ally Legendary auto rifleNecrochasm Exotic Kinetic auto rifle

Completing Crota’s End raid encounters and raid triumphs gives Essence of the Oversoul; players will need these to progress through the Bottomless Pit quest and the Necrochasm catalyst objective. Head to the Sword of Crota raid vendor to grab the Exotic quest.

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How to Get Deepsight Crota’s End Raid Weapons

You can get Deepsight versions of the Crota’s End Legendary weapons like: Abyss Defiant, Fang of Ir Yut, Word of Crota, Oversoul Edict, Swordbreaker, and Song of Ir Yut. Each of these weapons need five Deepsight extractions to earn their weapon patterns, then players can craft the weapon with their desired perks at the Mars Enclave. 

Also, players can visit the raid vendor at the end of then raid to purchase Deepsight versions of weapons. For Crota’s End, the raid vendor is the Sword of Crota. 

If you don’t get the red-border Deepsight weapons after completing raid encounters, you can apply a Deepsight Harmonizer. This material allows players to extract one weapon pattern progress from any craftable weapon that doesn’t have Deepsight. 

Crota’s End Cosmetic Rewards

Besides weapons, players can get cosmetic rewards by completing the raid. Players can collect the class-specific universal ornament sets that bring back the original Destiny Age of Triumph raid look.

Crotas_End_Ornaments_Loot Table.jpg

Hunters have the God-Knight Suit.Titans get the Willbreaker Suit.Warlocks have the Deathsinger Suit.

In addition to these rewards, the loot table includes the Illuminated Peril emblem. During Season of the Witch, there’s a chance seasonal Witch’s Engrams, Witch’s Keys, and Altars of Summoning Offerings will drop when players complete encounters.

Author: Jesse Perry