Destiny 2 Lost Sector Rotation Schedule — Season of the Witch

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In Destiny 2, players can complete Lost Sectors at any time. However, the Legend and Master versions are only available on a rotation — but to access the Legend and Master versions of a Lost Sector, players must complete the classic version first. 

The recommended Power level for Legend Lost Sectors is 1830, while Master Lost Sectors are set at 1840 Power. Completing Lost Sectors solo and at a higher difficulty has a chance to reward players with Exotic gear. Also, be sure to check the modifiers and bring your anti-Champion weapons. 

Other than the Neomuna Vex Strike Force public event, this is a typical way of getting the new Exotic armor from the season. Season of the Witch brought three new Exotic arms, which are: Pyrogale Gauntlets for Titans, Briarbinds for Warlocks, and Mothkeeper’s Wraps for Hunters.


Lost Sector Rotation Schedule

Lost Sectors Location Rotation Guide_fanbyte.jpg

Here’s a list of the Lost Sector rotation schedule throughout Destiny 2 Season of the Witch for your reference. Keep in mind, the rotation follows a predictable pattern of helmet, legs, arms, and chest armor. Even the seasonal Lost Sector rotation cycles through the same few destinations each week.

Week 5

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor9/17K1 CommunionMoonLegs9/18K1 Crew QuartersMoonArms9/19Concealed VoidEuropaChest9/20Bunker E15MoonHelmet9/21Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityLegs9/22Veles LabyrinthCosmodromeArms9/23Exodus Garden 2ACosmodromeChest

Week 6

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor9/24SepulcherThrone WorldHelmet9/25ExtractionThrone WorldLegs9/26MetamorphosisThrone WorldArms9/27K1 RevelationMoonChest9/28K1 CommunionMoonHelmet9/29K1 Crew QuartersMoonLegs9/30Concealed VoidEuropaArms

Week 7

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor10/1Bunker E15MoonChest10/2Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHelmet10/3Veles LabyrinthCosmodromeLegs10/4Exodus Garden 2ACosmodromeArms10/5SepulcherThrone WorldChest10/6ExtractionThrone WorldHelmet10/7MetamorphosisThrone WorldLegs

Week 8

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor10/8K1 RevelationMoonArms10/9K1 CommunionMoonChest10/10K1 Crew QuartersMoonHelmet10/11Concealed VoidEuropaLegs10/12Bunker E15MoonArms10/13Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityChest10/14Veles LabyrinthCosmodromeHelmet

Week 9

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor10/15Exodus Garden 2ACosmodromeLegs10/16SepulcherThrone WorldArms10/17ExtractionThrone WorldChest10/18MetamorphosisThrone WorldHelmet10/19K1 RevelationMoonLegs10/20K1 CommunionMoonArms10/21K1 Crew QuartersMoonChest

Week 10

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor10/22Concealed VoidEuropaHelmet10/23Bunker E15MoonLegs10/24Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityArms10/25Veles LabyrinthCosmodromeChest10/26Exodus Garden 2ACosmodromeHelmet10/27SepulcherThrone WorldLegs10/28ExtractionThrone WorldArms

Week 11

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor10/29MetamorphosisThrone WorldChest10/30K1 RevelationMoonHelmet10/31K1 CommunionMoonLegs11/1K1 Crew QuartersMoonArms11/2Concealed VoidEuropaChest11/3Bunker E15MoonHelmet11/4Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityLegs

Week 12

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor11/5Veles LabyrinthCosmodromeArms11/6Exodus Garden 2ACosmodromeChest11/7SepulcherThrone WorldHelmet11/8ExtractionThrone WorldLegs11/9MetamorphosisThrone WorldArms11/10K1 RevelationMoonChest11/11K1 CommunionMoonHelmet

Week 13

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor11/12K1 Crew QuartersMoonLegs11/13Concealed VoidEuropaArms11/14Bunker E15MoonChest11/15Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHelmet11/16Veles LabyrinthCosmodromeLegs11/17Exodus Garden 2ACosmodromeArms11/18SepulcherThrone WorldChest

Week 14

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor11/19ExtractionThrone WorldHelmet11/20MetamorphosisThrone WorldLegs11/21K1 RevelationMoonArms11/22K1 CommunionMoonChest11/23K1 Crew QuartersMoonHelmet11/24Concealed VoidEuropaLegs11/25Bunker E15MoonArms

Week 15

DayLost SectorDestinationExotic Armor11/26Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityChest11/27Veles LabyrinthCosmodromeHelmet11/28Exodus Garden 2ACosmodromeLegs

Season of the Witch ends on November 28, 2023.

Author: Jesse Perry