Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish Wall Guide

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Shuro Chi might be the most multi-purpose boss fight in Destiny history, and even if you haven’t completed this Last Wish raid encounter, you may have played it to farm kills since the uninterrupted ad-clearing is its most enticing feature. 

Also, as an influential part of Destiny 2, the Shuro Chi Wish Wall deserves its own guide on how to access the encounter, and what objectives you can target while you have the checkpoint. 

Shuro Chi Wish Wall solution

To get to the Shuro Chi checkpoint, enter the Last Wish raid through the Dreaming City destination. Before entering the first encounter arena, head up the rock cliff with the glowing plants until you reach the Wish Wall. Here’s the solution to the Shuro Chi Wish Wall puzzle:

Shuro Chi Wish Wall_fanbyte.jpgShuro Chi Wish Wall symbol solution in the Last Wish raid.

When targeting the Wish Wall symbols, don’t use weapons or class abilities that can spread damage to other symbols. Hand cannons shoot at a good pace and have enough range for this puzzle. Remember, stay away from the center plate to avoid erasing progress!

Stepping on the button after selecting all the correct symbols wipes the fireteam and sends everyone to the Shuro Chi checkpoint. You can save the checkpoint until the next weekly reset.

How to farm the Shuro Chi encounter

The Shuro Chi checkpoint is an easy way to farm kills — the Grasp of Avarice dungeon opening encounter and ad-filled Lost Sectors like the Thrilladrome are good options too — and getting ammo from placing a Rally Flag is helpful. Here are some objectives you can complete while you farm the Shuro Chi encounter.

Weapon catalyst 

If you get an Exotic weapon catalyst, you’ll likely need to upgrade it by getting kills. Although some Exotic catalyst quests may require you to play certain activities or get Calibration Data, the actual catalyst on the Exotic weapon still needs to be upgraded by defeating targets using the weapon. 

Weapon leveling

Crafted weapons come with a level progress bar, requiring you to use the weapon to achieve higher levels. At certain levels, new traits unlock for the weapon at the Mars Enclave.

In the Season 22 Weapons Preview post, Bungie said: 

“While Shuro Chi-style weapon level farming is not ideal, instead of nerfing that type of behavior and taking the option away from players, we’ve decided to buff the weapon level progression obtained through more meaningful methods like activity completions and PvP kills.” 

Although Bungie boosted the weapon level farming in Crucible, Trials of Osiris, Dares of Eternity, Wellspring, Gambit, Platinum score Legend and Master Solo Lost Sectors, Shuro Chi is still an option for quick kills. 

Bounties and weekly challenges

Shuro Chi is an efficient way to complete multiple bounties and weekly challenges that don’t target a specific activity. 

Author: Jesse Perry