Destiny 2 The Final Shape Episodes Guide

Destiny 2 Episodes, The Final Shape, Acts, Echoes, Revenant, Heresy

Bungie announced that a new seasonal format, called Episodes, will roll out during The Final Shape expansion. The Destiny 2 showcase revealed that with the launch of the upcoming expansion, it would be moving away from the current seasonal model to an Episodes model, which will be divided into three parts throughout the year. Here’s what we know about the Destiny 2 Episodes model and how it works.

Destiny 2 Episodes List

Episodes are a revamped version of seasons, but they are larger in terms of content and the overall duration of seasons. One of Bungie’s narrative goals is “to tell standalone stories that are easy to follow even if you haven’t played previous content,” according to the blog post. It also promises to have more frequent story beats with Acts. 

The three Episodes coming out in Destiny 2 The Final Shape are called Echoes, Revenant and Heresy. The New Episodic Cadence image from Bungie previews the story arch of each Episode, too. This is the roadmap for each Episode:

Echoes: March – JuneRevenant: July – OctoberHeresy: November – FebruaryDestiny 2 Episodes, The Final Shape, Acts, Echoes, Revenant, HeresyThe three Episodes and respective Acts in the Episode roadmap of Destiny 2 The FInal Shape.

Episode Acts

Each Episode will feature three Acts, with each Act lasting six weeks before the next Act begins. This would make Episodes about a month longer than Destiny 2’s current seasonal duration.

While every Episode brings a brand-new Exotic weapon and an Exotic mission, each Act will come with new quests, story, activities, weapons, artifact mods, season pass ranks, rewards, and armor. Bungie also said that players can earn “Legendary weapons, additional Artifact perks, and 200 Pass ranks split across the three Acts.” The first Act of an Episode will get 100 Pass ranks and 25 artifact mods, with Act two and three adding 50 more Pass ranks and 5 artifact mods.

“The first Act of an Episode will feel packed with a big offering of new stuff to do and chase, and the second and third Acts will expand the Episode experience with more activities, story, and rewards, along with new additions to rank rewards such as Exotic ships,” the developer explained. 

How to Access Episodes in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Players can acquire these Episodes through the The Final Shape Annual Pass. However, the Standard Edition will include the Episode that is active at the time of purchase with additional Episodes available in the Eververse Store for 1500 Bright Dust.

Lastly, it’s not clear whether Episodes will go away at the end of the year like seasons do. Ethan Gach, senior reporter at Kotaku reached out to Bungie regarding the matter, but the developer declined to comment.

Author: Jesse Perry