Destiny 2 The Final Shape Exotic Weapon Guide


Bungie’s showcase for Destiny 2: The Final Shape — set to release on February 27, 2024 — had a lot in store for players from new stories, locations, Supers, Aspects, and enemy types. Alongside those upcoming features, the developer also revealed Exotic weapons players will see in the expansion. While there are brand-new Exotic weapons on the way, a few are returning from Destiny 1. 


New Weapons in The Final Shape


_Final_Shape_Tessellation.jpgImage of the Tessellation fusion rifle.

Tessellation is a fusion rifle in the Energy slot with a very interesting Exotic trait that allows it to adapt to whatever subclass element a player is using, and it fires shots matching the subclass. Also, it has an alternate fire mode where consuming a grenade turns its next shot into a high-damage projectile, creating an elemental explosion on impact. Players can obtain this weapon right now by pre-ordering The Final Shape. The Tessellation Exotic catalyst and ornament become available when the expansion launches.

Unnamed Exotic Weapons

In the The Final Shape showcase, Chris Proctor, a senior design lead, and designer Vivian Becks shared ideas of Exotic weapons players may see in the future. Proctor alluded to a sniper rifle wielding the power of the Golden Gun Super, and the concept art had the Tex Mechanica foundry logo in the middle of the image. 

Tex Machina sniper.pngUnnamed sniper rifle in The Final Shape.

Also, referencing that beam of Light shooting from the Traveler in the Destiny 2: Lightfall opening scene, Becks suggested a weapon that would reminisce in that moment. Bungie showed weapon concept art for these unnamed Exotic weapons, too.

Final Shape trace rifle.pngUnnamed fusion rifle in The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 also has some new weapon subfamilies with traits that “border on Exotic functionality,” according to Proctor. This includes an auto rifle that can heal allies if you shoot at them and a special ammo sidearm that shoots small homing rockets.

Destiny 1 Weapons Returning in The Final Shape

Khvostov 7G-0X

Khvostov.pngKhvostov concept image from The Final Shape showcase.

Khvostov 7G-0X will return as an Exotic in Destiny 2, and this weapon is originally from Destiny: Rise of Iron. However, instead of an Exotic trait, this weapon had customizable barrels and magazines. 

Dragon’s Breath

Dragon's Breath.pngDragon’s Breath image from The Final Shape showcase.

Dragon’s Breath is another Exotic returning from Destiny 1. Bungie showed a clip of this weapon in action during the showcase, but the developer didn’t detail any changes in the Exotic since Destiny 1. Still, it seems like there won’t be a shortage of fiery explosions when it comes to Dragon’s Breath in Destiny 2.

Red Death

red_death_Destiny 1image.jpgRed Death image from a 2013 Bungie blog.

Red Death is the third Exotic to return from Destiny 1. Fans have been waiting for this Exotic to come to Destiny 2 for a long time even though the Curse of Osiris expansion introduced Crimson, which looks like Red Death and has a similar Exotic trait. Both weapons heal players and reload the guns upon getting kills, except Crimson needs to get precision kills to refill its magazine. 

Author: Jesse Perry