Destiny 2 The Final Shape Subclass Guide


During the Destiny 2: The Final Shape showcase, Bungie detailed much about the upcoming expansion story, location, Exotics, and new abilities. The developer revealed that The Final Shape will include three new Supers, one for each class, that will make the most of the powerful Light within the Traveler. Below is a list of all three new Light subclasses and information about each one.

Solar Warlock


Subclass: SolarSuper: Song of Flame

Warlocks will receive a first-person Solar Super called Song of Flame. Inspired by the Radiance Super from Destiny 1, Song of Flame overcharges all your Solar abilities, providing effects such as adding more projectiles to melee attacks. Also, grenades turn into bombs that seek out foes and can detonate multiple times. While Song of Flame is active, allies near the caster will receive a buff to their Solar weapons, allowing them to deal Scorch damage to enemies. 

This new Super also comes with a Solar Aspect, which allows Warlocks to create a Solar Soul when casting their Rifts. The Solar Soul sends out fragments of itself to seek enemies and detonate on impact.

Void Titan


Subclass: VoidSuper: Twilight Arsenal

Titans receive a Void Super, Twilight Arsenal, as the first single-cast ranged Super for Titans. When activated, the Titan jumps into the air to create a mighty Void axe to throw at enemies. The axe deals explosive Void damage when it impacts enemies or hits the ground and then continues to draw nearby foes in. Titans get three total axe throws, and once you throw an axe, anyone can pick it up and use it as a weapon to increase the potency of this Super further. 

Additionally, this subclass gets the Void Aspect, allowing them to consume their grenade and create a mobile temporary shield that can absorb damage. The more damage it absorbs, the more damage it unleashes when dismissed. 

Arc Hunter


Subclass: ArcSuper: Storm’s Edge

Hunters will get a Arc Super called Storm’s Edge. When activated, the Hunter can throw a supercharged Arc knife into a group of enemies and then teleport to it, performing a spinning attack that deals damage. The knife can be thrown again for a total of three throws, which lets Hunters zip around a battlefield, taking out swarms of foes. 

The Arc Aspect for Hunters allows them to consume their dodge when midair to perform a rising twirl that propels them upwards, Jolting nearby enemies while Amplifying the player and nearby allies.

Author: Jesse Perry