FFXIV’s DC Travel Feature Goes Down Following Issues

dc travel error.png

Today, Final Fantasy XIV players have been reporting issues with the Data Center Travel function in-game. Folks who attempted to switch between DCs were seeing wait times of up to 99:59, which is seemingly the maximum limit before it times out. Now, they’re getting an error message: “Unable to submit Data Center Visit request at this time”.

Square Enix has already acknowledged the problem, stating that it is “under investigation”. While that doesn’t give players any idea of when it will be fixed, they can rest assured that steps are already being taken to do so. At the very least, it seems that nobody else will be getting stuck in-between Data Centers now that the function has been disabled. Unfortunately, that still leaves anybody who traveled before the problems started stranded wherever they are until a fix can be implemented.

dc travel error.pngScreengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

Fans with plans to visit friends, get together for raiding, find quicker queues for duties, or anything else relying on DC travel will have to watch and wait until further notice. In the meantime, while there are some restrictions on what players can do away from their home world, most playable content is still available while visiting another DC. That means that main scenario quests, side quests, and the Duty Finder can still be accessed and played.

Since its implementation in July 2022, Data Center travel has had its fair share of issues. Immediately after it was released with patch 6.18, it was overloaded with requests and was temporarily shut down. It ended up being down for maintenance for a total of two weeks. This time, fans are hoping the problem solved much faster.

Update on Sept. 6 at 6:10pm EDT: The Data Center travel issues have been resolved and the service is functional at this time. 

Author: Jesse Perry