HITMAN World of Assassination Details Dimitri Vegas Mission

Dimitri Vegas is Coming to HITMAN World of Assassination

HITMAN World of Assassination Dimitri Vegas Mission

After announcing it earlier this month, IO Interactive has officially revealed the new HITMAN World of Assassination Elusive Target mission featuring DJ Dimitri Vegas. After a mere tease of the mission, we now have new details regarding the Elusive Target mission featuring international superstar DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas in the game’s latest trailer. Apart from revealing new details about the mission, IO Interactive has also released the physical version of HITMAN World of Assassination. Check out the latest trailer below to see the mission in action:

In the brand-new mission, Dimitri Vegas will be playing as the in-game character Alexios Laskaris simply known as The Drop. The Drop is a drug dealer who is using his DJ profession as a front and his EDM connections for his main business. He owns his very own network of DJ venues that also serve as a front to his drug empire. At the forefront, it is merely a club where people go and have fun but in the background, the kingpin is dealing with drugs and supplying it to anyone who is willing to buy it. Dimitri Vegas is providing both his likeness and voiceover for this collaboration.

PlayStation 5 players will be happy to know that they can now purchase a physical edition of HITMAN World of Assassination as well in order to prepare for the upcoming Elusive Target mission featuring Dimitri Vegas. The PS5 physical version has been released in partnership with Solutions 2 Go. This special physical release not only includes the base game but also includes a set of 3 collector’s art cards, featuring artwork from the luxurious and hyper-detailed game locations.

Each card features imagery from an iconic game destination in the trilogy: the mysterious ICA Training Facility, the high-octane thrills of a Maimi racetrack, and the luxurious elegance of the tallest skyscraper in Dubai. Apart from this, a limited number of art cards (50 for Europe/ANZ and 50 for the Americas) will be autographed by the IO Interactive development team and randomly inserted into physical copies of the game.

HITMAN World of Assassination Dimitri Vegas Mission

Hitman World of Assassination is currently available on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation 5. It is the third title in the reboot of the franchise, and it also gives access to Hitman and Hitman 2 for free. It brings the main campaign, Contracts mode, Escalations, Elusive Target Arcades, and featured live content.

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Author: Jesse Perry