How to Farm Essence of the Oversoul in Destiny 2

Essence of the Oversoul

To get Destiny 2’s version of the Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle, players must collect Essence of the Oversoul in the Crota’s End raid. Steps in the Bottomless Pit raid quest — which you can grab from the Sword of Crota raid vendor after the boss fight — asks for 20 Essence of the Oversoul to convert the  Eidolon Ally Legendary auto rifle into Necrochasm. Additionally, the Necrochasm Exotic catalyst requires 35 of them too.

While getting this material was up to chance, players can now farm Essence of the Oversoul.

Essence of the OversoulCrota’s End final boss fight.

How to Farm Essence of the Oversoul

Crota’s End Raid Runs

Starting in Week 5 of Season of the Witch, players can get two guaranteed Essences of the Oversoul when they clear the entire Crota’s End raid for the first time each week. One Essence of the Oversoul drops from defeating Crota, and the other comes from completing the full run — which means players will have to do every encounter from beginning to end.

After the weekly drop, players can get an Essence of the Oversoul each time they complete full runs of Crota’s End. Keep in mind, that it’s still possible to get the material randomly in the raid. Consecutive clears of an encounter increase the random drop rate for Essence of the Oversoul, allowing players to farm the material.

While players farm Essence of the Oversoul, there’s a chance that they could get a bundle of the material to drop. Although it could be as rare as getting the Vex Mythoclast in Vault of Glass, players can randomly get enough Essence of the Oversoul to bypass all Bottomless Pit quest steps and the Necrochasm catalyst. For that to happen, players must complete a full run of Crota’s End and defeat Crota. The lucky players who get this bundle will acquire Necrochasm and the catalyst in an instant. 

Crota’s End Triumphs

Crota's End Essence of the Oversoul triumphsLegends Triumphs tab displaying Crota’s End objectives.

During the raid, players can mark off several Triumphs to earn Essence of the Oversoul. In the Legends Triumphs tab, head to the Crota’s End raid category. Here, players will find Triumphs that have Essences of the Oversoul listed as rewards, equaling to 14 total.

Besides this material, there are reprised raid weapons and armor pieces to chase after in the Crota’s End loot pool. 

Author: Jesse Perry