How to get the Flying Chair and Magicked Bed mounts in FFXIV


To please all types of players and moods, Final Fantasy XIV offers a vast number of mounts to choose from. While riding dragons and all other kinds of magical beasts is pretty cool, sometimes a more chill ride is needed. Players looking to kick back and relax should get the Flying Chair and Magicked Bed mounts.

These mounts are not the kind of ride one would expect to see the Warrior of Light arriving at to save the world, but they are among the funniest ones in the game. Getting them might be easier for those whose pockets are filled with gil, but the good news is that both can be crafted.


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How to craft the Flying Chair and Magicked Bed mounts in FFXIV

One way to get the Flying Chair and Magicked Bed mounts is to craft them. These aren’t easy recipes, and they require materials that are difficult to find. However, if players are patient and get what they need, both mounts will cost almost no gil. But, if players don’t mind spending a ton of money, they can buy the Flying Chair and Magicked Bed on the Marketboard.

Flying Chair

To craft this mount, players must have at least Alchemist at level 70. The recipe is found in the Master Alchemist V, which costs 100 White Crafter’s Scrips. Because this is a high-level item to craft, players should check their gear and rotation in order to ensure they can complete it. 

The materials needed to craft this mount are listed below:

While players can buy the Riviera Armchair for 5,000 gil with Housing and Apartment Merchants stationed in every Residential District, Cloudsbreath is a little bit more complicated. Players can get them through gardening or the Free Company Submarine Ventures in the regions of the South Isle of Zozonan, Tangaroa’s Beacon, and The Isle of Sacrament. The easiest – but more expensive – way of getting Cloudsbreath on the Marketboard. 

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Magicked Bed

Players that have the Carpenter at level 80 can buy and use the Master Carpenter VII volume. This item costs 300 White Crafter’s Scrips and teaches the recipe for the Magicked Bed. Just like the Flying Chair, it’s not easy to craft this item, so using the right gear and rotation is crucial to be successful. 

To craft the Magicked Bed, players need the following items:

The methods to acquire Cloudsbreath were explained in the Flying Chair section. Now, while the Undyed Velveteen is relatively cheap to buy on the Marketboard, the Enchanted Elm Lumber is not. This is because the Enchanted Elm Lumber is an item only found in some special instances for Treasure Hunt. 

Players who don’t want to spend the money and would prefer to get the materials must use the Timeworn Zonureskin Map. Doing so might open the portal to either The Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah or The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah. In both places, it’s possible to find the Enchanted Elm Lumber.

Author: Jesse Perry