How To Get the Island Alligator and Island Buffalo in FFXIV

island mounts.png

The Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary is the Warrior of Light’s relaxing escape from a star that constantly seems to have disaster plaguing it at every turn. But like other content in the game, there are plenty of goodies to be gleaned from the island, and the Island Alligator and Island Buffalo are two of the most sought after.

In order to get these mounts, players must already have access to Island Sanctuary and level their islands up. Players can do a multitude of things to level up their islands including gathering items, capturing and tending to animals in their pastures, growing crops, and making handicrafts. 

Once you have an Island Sanctuary Rank of 12, you are able to purchase the Island Alligator. The mount costs 35,000 Seafarer’s Cowries and can be purchased at the Horrendous Hoarder in the island’s main building. 

island mounts.png

After that, as of Patch 6.4, there’s only one mount left to get. The Island Buffalo is a whopping 50,000 Seafarer’s Cowries and will take quite some time to gather up if players don’t already have it. Those who are looking to gather up a bunch of Cowries should follow Overseas Casuals’ Discord to see what recommendations players can use for their handicrafts. Following those recommendations will get players a hefty amount of Cowries each day to save up for their mounts. 

Once you’ve got the 50,000 Seafarer’s Cowries, head to the same vendor as the Island Alligator and you’ll be able to ride your very on Island Buffalo. Once you’ve collected all of the mounts and goodies sold by the vendors, be sure to keep collecting Seafearer’s Cowries, since there are likely to be more additions with the upcoming Patch 6.5.

Author: Jesse Perry