How to Get the Pinky Mount in FFXIV

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The Lopporits have quickly become one of the most beloved Beast Tribes in Final Fantasy XIV, and with Patch 6.3, developers added a mount that personifies their style and fun nature with the Pinky mount.

The Pinky mount is a giant pink elephant adorned with many lavish decorations, such as beading, lights, and a giant headpiece reminiscent of the Excititron 6000. In fact, the Excititron 6000 is one of the areas where players can grab this mount, although it won’t be easy and will take a lot of effort and luck. 

How to get the Pinky mount in FFXIV

To get the Pinky mount, players will need to get some Treasure Maps first. The items players will be looking to get is the Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Map, which are found and dug up in Elpis, or Timeworn Ophiotauroskin Maps, which can be found and dug up in any other Endwalker zone. 

ffxiv_dx11 2023-09-18 11-59-38.pngScreengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

Once you’ve got a Timeworn Kumbhiraskin or Ophiotauroskin Map, grab seven of your friends or go into a Party Finder for them and start digging up your treasure. If you’re lucky, a portal will spawn, bringing you into the Excititron 6000 for Kumbhiraskin maps or the Shifting Gynmasium Aganon for the Ophiotauroskin maps. . In these instances there is a very rare chance that an Exciting Tonic will drop from one of the chests after defeating all of the enemies. 

You will need three Exciting Tonics in order to trade for the Pinky Identification Key, which unlocks the Pinky mount. So not only do you need to be lucky enough to spawn a portal, and then lucky enough to get an Exciting Tonic to drop, but you also need to be lucky enough to win it in the roll against seven other players. 

Once you have all three Exciting Tonics, head to Radz-At-Han and find Nesvaaz (X: 10.6 Y: 10) and select “Out-of-this-world Oddities” to find the Pinky Identification Key.

Alternative ways to get the Pinky mount

Because there is a ton of luck involved, it will take a significant amount of time and effort to get enough Exciting Tonics to unlock the Pinky mount. Alternatively, players can get the mount by buying it on the market board. 

Even though buying it on the market board sounds easy, you’ll need quite a bit of gil to get it. Depending on what Data Center and World you’re on, the mount can run anywhere from 20 to 30 million gil. That price may go down over time, but it will likely hold around that amount for a significant amount of time.

Author: Jesse Perry