Infinite City of Aeterna Season Update Detailed

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Torchlight: Infinite City of Aeterna

Developer and publisher XD Games has detailed the upcoming season City of Aeterna for its cross-platform RPG Torchlight: Infinite. The City of Aeterna will debut an exciting new chapter for Torchlight: Infinite as it will allow you to rebuild a lost city, challenge the new season boss, and say hello to a brand-new hero called Iris along with unlocking new skills, legendary gear, Pactspirits and a lot more. The developer shared new details of the City of Aeterna update for Torchlight: Infinite in the latest update in an hour-long stream that we have linked below:

 The City of Aeterna will add a brand-new location called Ruins of Aeterna where you will undertake times challenges and rekindle candelabra to obtain Marks of Ruin. These Marks will activate various reward spots scattered across the world map where you will join the dots and cover as much of the map as possible to maximize your rewarded drops. Once the map is full, you will be able to enter the fabled city of Aeterna to claim your prizes.

Exploring the city will also unlock a new type of item called Soul Candles which will unlock a range of new powerful affixes once they are equipped in your Hunter’s Skill panel. You can further upgrade, evolve and mutate these Soul Candles by spending Tears of Aeterna dropped by enemies that you kill in the new location. While these provide powerful bonuses, sometimes you will get a side effect of using these new powers. As you rebuild the city and try to reclaim it, the Lone King of Aeterna will become aware of your presence and you will have to fight him to claim lost treasure hidden in Aeterna for thousands of years.

This boss battle will become harder and harder the more rewards spots you connect on the world map however the chance of getting precious new gear will continue to increase. To explore the new areas, you also have a brand-new hero in the game called The Forsaken Iris. Iris is a Spirit Magus from another world and is capable of summoning a ghostly brigade of Spirit Magi to fight by her side while buffing them with support spells. These Spirit Magi are different from traditional minions summoned in the game and can fight enemies much more effectively.

As they fight alongside Irisi, they will level up as well thanks to their unique Growth mechanic. By unlocking Talents or equipping certain gear, you can also max out your Spirits, each of the 5 Growth tiers increasing their base attributes. You can unlock Iris by obtaining the City Aeterna Season Pass which is slated for release on September 7, 2023. The brand-new season will also bring with it a new Hero Trailer for the base game’s original hero Gemma. Flame of Please will create an entirely new playstyle for you to try out. You can unlock it by spending Primocrysts or Hero Emblems in-game.

The City of Aeterna season is slated to arrive in Torchlight: Infinite next month and will feature a plethora of new content for players to explore. Apart from adding new content to the game, the developer is also busy in working to improve the core game for new and veteran players. The upcoming season will also introduce further changes to crafting, hero balancing, and the Trade House while improving performance optimization and making it easier to obtain legendary gear in the game. Torchlight: Infinite is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. Make sure to check out the previously released CG Trailer, Season Pass Preview Trailer, Blacksail Season Trailer, Gemma Origin Story Trailer, and Skills System Deep Dive as well.

What are your thoughts on the new season City Aeterna revealed for Torchlight: Infinite? Will you be playing it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry