Kingdom Rush Vengeance Hammerhold Campaign Announced

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Hammerhold Campaign Announced

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Hammerhold

Developer and publisher Ironhide Game Studio has announced the brand-new Hammerhold Campaign DLC for Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the fourth title in Ironhide’s epic Kingdom Rush franchise and takes a unique turn as it allows you to play as a villain for the first time. The bonus campaign will add new content to the game and will allow you to take on the humans in different ways. Before we jump into additional details, check out the new reveal trailer for Kingdom Rush Vengeance Hammerhold Campaign below:

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Hammerhold will allow you to further experience the story of Vez’nan as he embarks on a revenge mission towards Linirea. The campaign will add 5 brand-new stages through the sandy regions of Lineria where you will encounter new enemies and defeat powerful new bosses. To accompany you to new lands, a new hero Isfet is also part of the DLC along with a new tower The Sandworm Hollows which brings back the mighty Sand Worms to the franchise. Different easter eggs and new achievements are also part of the DLC which will force you to have a keen eye on all of the new stages.

The official press release details the DLC campaign as:

Hammerhold stands as “the Kingdom’s last bastion”, and they’re in for a surprise. 

The Dark Lord’s army strategy consists of striking the desert shores and catching the Legionnaire resistance off guard. During the epic quest, players get to command the Dark Army’s mightiest towers and champions, including the new mummified warlock hero Isfet, and the always-hungry Sandworm Hollow tower.

Some of the Kingdom’s bravest heroes will return to defend Linirea’s last hope for resistance in challenging mini-boss and boss fights.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Hammerhold

Key features of the upcoming Kingdom Rush Vengeance Hammerhold Campaign include:

5 New Stages: A whole new campaign packed with sand-tastic surprises. New Enemies: The Legionnaires have recruited an eclectic and rather quirky force. Prepare to face assassins, war elephants, and even… magic carpets? Boss Fights: Remember those heroes you thought were gone for good? Well, they’re back. New Hero: Behold Isfet, a formidable mummy warlock, wielding an arsenal of spells and curses. New Tower: The Sandworm Hollows have appetites as insatiable as a kid in a candy store. New Achievements: And savor the sweet taste of bragging rights that come with them! Easter Eggs Galore: The desert may hold secrets, but it also has a sense of humor.

The Exclusive Hammerhold Campaign will be released on iOS and Android devices on December 7, 2024. Kingdom Rush is one of the best tower-defense franchises currently available and we already have reviewed the Xbox releases of their previous titles Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and Kingdom Rush Origins so make sure that you check them out as well. For additional details on Kingdom Rush Vengeance and its upcoming Hammerhold Campaign, you can check out the title’s official website or add it to your Steam wishlist right now. Kingdom Rush Vengeance is currently available in iOS, Apple Arcade, Android, and PC via Steam.

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Author: Jesse Perry