New Expansion Atlas of Discovery Announced for Melvor Idle

Melvor Idle

New Expansion Atlas of Discovery Announced for Melvor Idle

Melvor Idle

Publisher Jagex and developer Games by Malcs have announced the latest expansion Atlas of Discovery for their title Melvor Idle. Atlas of Discovery for Mevor Idle is slated for release on September 7, 2023, and it will add two new skills, a brand-new game mode, and plenty of additional content to the RPG. The full version of Melvor Idle was released back in November 2021 and now the developers have announced a brand-new expansion for the title.

Mevor Idle is a RuneScape-inspired idle RPG and Atlas of Discovery will be its second expansion and it is all about exploration and discovery. With the new expansion, players will get the chance to explore the enormous world of Melvor with the help of the brand-new Cartography skill. While exploring, players will get a chance to unveil new areas of their World Map and dig deep into the world’s murky past with Archeology, another skill part of the expansion. This will allow them to discover powerful new Artifacts which are present below the surface.

Fans who like combat will also be able to hone their combat skills in new Combat Areas as Slayer Areas and Dungeons are now available in the game. Here, fighters will find dozens of dangerous new monsters to fight and over 600 new items to collect. New combat techniques can now be mastered and abilities such as Unholy Prayers and powerful Barrier Mechanic will help players to increase their combat prowess. New equipment slots and gear tiers are also part of the upcoming expansion.

Key features of Atlas of Discovery include:

2 New Skills: Cartography and Archaeology
New Gamemode: Ancient Relics Mode
600+ new Items
46 new Monsters
8 new Combat Areas
3 new Slayer Areas
5 new Dungeons
10+ new Pets
New Unholy Prayer Book with 17 new Unholy Prayers
New Combat Mechanic: Barrier
New Equipment Slot: Gem Slot
New Tier of upgraded Combat gear
2 new Trees in Woodcutting
2 new Ore nodes in Mining
2 new Potions in Herblore
1 new Summoning Familiar for Barrier which synergises with many existing Familiars.
Brand new items to create in Smithing, Fletching, Crafting and Runecrafting.
New Astrology Constellation
2 new Ancient Magicks Spells
2 new Alt Magic Spells
2 new Magic Auroras
2 new Magic Curses
3 new Agility Obstacles
New Skill Upgrades in the Shop
20 new Township Tasks 

Melvor Idle

If you have not heard of Melvor Idle, it is an idle experience that takes the core of what makes the long-running MMO so appealing and strips it down to its purest form. It caters to both veteran and casual RPG lovers and features over 20 skills to level up, in-depth combat, deep yet accessible systems, and plenty of dungeons and bosses to fight and overcome. Melvor Idle is currently available on PC via Steam, iOS, and Android and you can jump into the new expansion Atlas of Discovery when it arrives on September 7, 2023.

What are your thoughts on the new expansion Atlas of Discovery revealed for Melvor Idle and will you be jumping back into the game to experience it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry