Patrol Officers – Compact Police Vehicle

Review: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Compact Police Vehicle

Review: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Compact Police Vehicle

Developed by Aesir Interactive and published by astragon Entertainment, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is a highly authentic police simulation game with tons of cool mechanics. It is so far the best police simulation title that allows you to experience the life of a policeman in different duties such as being a patrol officer, a traffic officer, or even someone whose job is to ensure that all parks are kept neat and tidy. For this very purpose, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is adding the brand-new Compact Police Vehicle in its latest DLC, and this is our review of the newest member in the squad car collection.

The new Compact Police Vehicle or CPV for short, is a police car inspired by the real-world Smart Fortwo and it maintains the iconic looks that made its real-life counterpart very functional in different ways. Boasting the Brighton Police livery, you will find the Compact Police Vehicle always parked in the Police Department parking lot even if you start a foot patrol. Before its arrival, you would complete all of the foot patrols on your feet and it would have been troublesome to stop moving vehicles because if you miss them the first time around, you will need to run after them in order to stop them and issue a fine.

Review: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Compact Police Vehicle

That issue is not gone because you can now park it somewhere close to where you are working and if the need arises, quickly hop into it, and drive anywhere. It gives you a great mobility boost due to its size and allows you a great way to move around. Much better than a bike, it will hold all of your police gear and doubles as a cop car without all of the extra bits and spaces.

It comes with a siren and police lights which can make traffic stops as well and sounding the siren will also allow you to gain the right of way from any sort of traffic and people for emergencies. This is really helpful for chasing down red light runners while you are out speed-checking.

I found the new CPV the most useful during the night shifts for zipping around in parks and other public places where you would want to take up as little space as possible. Apart from the night shifts, it is great for using with your Radar Gun as well because most of the time, if you come across a vehicle that has neon lights or a loud-sounding engine, you would need to switch to your pullover sign and sometimes you miss the vehicle.

With this, you can quickly jump in and chase them down and give them the tickets. The same goes for when you are walking around looking for parking violations. You can also hide it behind other parked vehicles and due to its size, it stays hidden from incoming speeders.

Review: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Compact Police Vehicle

While the new Compact Police Vehicle might be small in size, it brings all of the features of a fully functioning police vehicle in the game which makes it highly useful for your foot patrols. In addition to that, it will assist you in narrow streets and park paths as well where you would normally not be able to take your police vehicle with you. One issue I noticed while driving around the vehicle is that the camera zooms out too much which might be because the game’s camera is set according to the bigger vehicles in the game. If this can be fixed, this will greatly improve the gameplay experience while driving it around.

This already makes it a great addition to the game and something that could become your primary vehicle of choice in the game if you play it a lot and were looking for something small and nimble to get around the traffic and parked cars. The new vehicle arrives with the new Garage Update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers which makes it the perfect time to have a brand-new vehicle to tinker with in your garage.

Final Verdict:

The Compact Police Vehicle is a great addition to a great game. With its versatility and agility, it surely makes the foot patrols much more worth it because you no longer have to walk around on your foot and chase after vehicles when you see someone breaking the red light. With this cute little addition to your police inventory, you will surely catch a lot more bad guys easily. If you love playing Police Simulator: Patrol Officers and want something to drive through those tiny parks and narrow streets, you should definitely go for the new Compact Police Vehicle DLC.

Final Score: 8.0/10

Author: Jesse Perry