Players Can Pay Silver for Old Seasonal Cosmetics in Destiny 2

Season of the Worthy Eververse Flashback,

In a This Week In Destiny post, not long ago, Bungie said that it would return previous season pass rewards starting in Season of the Witch. These cosmetics will appear in the Eververse store in weeks four, five, and six. 

Players can find the Season of the Worthy —  the Warmind Rapsutin-themed season from the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion — collection up for purchase in Week 4 of Season of the Witch. However, all items are only available for Silver. Silver is the in-game currency that uses real-world currency, and differs from Bright Dust, which players can acquire by doing activities and objectives in Destiny 2. 

Season of the Worthy Eververse Flashback,

Initially, the Season of the Worthy cosmetics were rewards for ranking up through the season pass, but the cost of each individual item is more than the price of the respective season pass. These are the prices for each available item: the universal ornament bundle for each class is 1500 Silver, the vehicles and Ghost bundle costs 1900, the Finisher is 800, the Emote costs 1000, and players can get the Tommy’s Matchbook Exotic weapon ornament for 700 Silver. If players earned these items during Season of the Worthy, the Eververse store notes that it the item is already owned. 

Currently, there isn’t a way to get the old season pass cosmetics for Bright Dust through the Eververse store. Still, Bungie has a new ritual armor set — which was originally for the Eververse store — that players can earn through playlist activities. 

Author: Jesse Perry