Remnant 2 Faelin Boss Guide – How to Beat, Attacks, Rewards

Remnant 2 Faelin Boss Guide

Remnant 2 Faelin Boss Guide

Depending on what players choose in The Imposter quest in Remnant 2, you will either be fighting Faerin or Faelin in the game. Both are counterparts of each other, and fight in the same way as each other. This Remnant 2 Faelin Boss Guide will show you how to beat Faelin, what attacks he will through at you, and the rewards you will get when you win.

Remnant 2 Faelin Boss Guide

You should be aware that Faelin fights in three phases that start depending on his HP before you go out to face him. His health is between 100 and 50 percent in the first stage of the combat, 50 and 25 percent in the second, and 25 percent and less in the third. Another tip is that you should mainly target Faelin’s head with your shots because that is where he is most vulnerable.

In each of the three phases, Faelin will move at a different pace. While he will teleport in all phases, the first phase sees him approaching you slowly. He can attack you from a distance or up close and personal, and he sometimes dashes your direction to close the distance. His teleportation ability will be used to move behind you for a surprise strike as well as to dodge your blows. In the later stages of the battle, this will become clear.

Faelin has the choice of making a close-ranged assault or a ranged attack during the opening phase. The boss will approach you and cut you in the air when he is close enough. He will create a single energy ball that serves as a turret and shoots at you if you are far away, which is likely. Unless you shoot it down, the ball will stay in motion.

Faelin’s head is his weak point and will remain so throughout the entire encounter, so you should continue concentrating on shooting at it in between controlling each of these strikes.

When Faelin’s HP falls to less than 50%, the second phase will start. Faelin will move considerably more quickly and aggressively throughout this phase than during the previous one. The boss will introduce a brand-new assault in which it will use statue-derived swords and make them fall from the sky. He uses his energy orbs again in the second strike, but this time he can create two orbs that fire at you at once rather than just one.

You must leave the region where a sword is due to descend on the ground where you are standing without one being above you in order to escape being struck by one of the swords.

In the last phase, Faelin will utilise his teleportation power to sneak up on you and attack. When the boss is down to 25% health, the phase starts.

The phase’s two new attacks from Faelin will be the most aggressive ones yet. He will attempt to attack you with his sword in the first, leaping up into the air while screaming. The second is an energy rain in which he will produce a cloud of energy orbs that will fall on the region of conflict. Move away from the designated region where the orbs are likely to crash to avoid being attacked by this attack.


6x Lumenite Crystals
Tome of Knowledge
Imposter’s Heart
Strange Object

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Author: Jesse Perry