Remnant 2 Faerin Boss Guide – How to Beat, Attacks, Rewards

Remnant 2 Faerin Boss Guide

Remnant 2 Faerin Boss Guide

One of the main story bosses that you will encounter is Faerin, found in the Malefic Gallery in Losomn. The battle progresses in three phases, where Faerin brings different attacks into the mix. This Remnant 2 Faerin Boss Guide will show you how to beat the boss, what attacks it will throw at you, and how the battle will progress from the start to the end.

Remnant 2 Faerin Boss Guide

Before you head out to fight Faerin, you should know that the boss fights in three phases that begin depending on his HP. The first phase of the battle happens between 100-50% of his health, the second from 50-25%, and the last stage from 25-0%. Faerin’s weak spot is his head, which is where you will mainly focus on your shots.

Faerin will have different movement speeds in each of the three phases. While he will teleport in all the phases, he moves slowly at you in the first phase. He has both ranged and close melee attacks and will occasionally dash at your location if he wants to close in the gap.

His teleportation ability is not only going to be used to evade your attacks, but will also be used to move behind you for a surprise attack. This will become apparent in the later stages of the battle.

Phase 1

In the first phase, Faerin has the ability to use both a ranged or close melee attack. When close, the boss will move at you and hit you with an upward slash with his hand.

If you are at a distance, which is going to be likely, he will produce a single energy orb that acts as a turret that shoots at you. The orb will remain active unless you shoot it down.

In between managing both these attacks, you should continue focusing on shooting at Faerin’s head, which is his weak spot, and will remain all throughout the battle.

Phase 2

The second phase will begin when Faerin’s HP drops below 50%. In this phase, Faerin will move much faster than in the previous phase and will also be more aggressive. The boss will bring in a new attack where it will use swords from statues and cause them to rain from the sky. The second attack involves his energy orbs, but instead of just one, he can now produce two orbs shooting at you simultaneously.

To avoid the swords attack, you will need to move out from the area where there isn’t a sword above you, and that is about to land on the ground where you stand.

Phase 3

In the final phase, Faerin will use his teleportation ability to strike you from behind in a surprise attack. The phase begins when the boss only has 25% of health remaining.

Faerin brings two new attacks in the phase which are going to be the most aggressive of all. The first is where he will leap up in the sky with a scream and attempt to stab you with his sword. The second is a rain of energy where he will create a cloud of energy orbs that will land on the battle area. To avoid this attack, move out from the marked area where the orbs are going to crash.

Defeating Faerin will give you the following items:

Strange Object
Melded Hilt
1,035 Scrap
6x Lumenite Crystals
Tome of Knowledge

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Author: Jesse Perry