Team Arena Sports Game GRAVIATORS Showcases New Trailer

Team Arena Sports Game GRAVIATORS Showcases New Trailer

Team Arena Sports Game Set in Space GRAVIATORS Showcases New Trailer

Developer Couch in the Woods Interactive and publisher Bonus Stage Publishing have released the latest trailer for their upcoming title GRAVIATORS. GRAVIATORS is a team arena sports game, and the latest trailer showcases how sports work in space where there is zero gravity. GRAVIATORS allows you to compete in pinball-like arenas and use your spacepod’s special gravity and shield abilities to control and shoot the ball to score points. You can check out the latest trailer below to see how it works before we jump into additional details further below:

Your spacepod in GRAVIATORS comes equipped with special gravity and shield abilities which will allow you to control the ball and shoot it around the arena. You will use these abilities to control the ball and shoot it through your opponent’s defense and straight into their black hole to score points. The game supports couch co-op which will allow you to bring your friends or family together and compete with each other or with other teams online to chase the highscores or just victories. If you prefer solo, you can play against AI players or random people online as well.

The three different game modes available in GRAVIATORS at launch will include:

Versus Arena: Destroy shields around your opponent’s black hole to get temporary points. Shoot inside the black hole to score goals and add your points to the scoreboard!
Planetary Arena: The goals are located on each side of the screen and the playfield is divided by a black hole. Use it to give the ball some extra power! Destroy the shields and score goals to add points to the scoreboard!
Meteor Shower: Protect your planet and survive incoming waves of asteroids! Destroy them quickly to build up a higher multiplier. With further waves, new kinds of asteroids and other dangerous objects will appear.

GRAVIATORS is slated for its release on PC via Steam on August 31, 2023, and a Steam page for the game is now live. You can head over to Steam to add the game to your wishlist if you are interested in playing the game when it comes out and if you want, you can also download and play a free demo of the game right now.


Additional details about the game will be revealed later today at 7 PM CEST during a Steam livestream during which the developer will share more details like gameplay mechanics, battle showcase, online highscore system, and more.

What are your thoughts on GRAVIATORS and its new trailer? Would you be interested in playing it with your friends? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry