The Crew Motorfest Has Gone Gold

The Crew Motorfest Gold

The Crew Motorfest Gold

Ahead of its release early next month, Ubisoft has announced that its upcoming open-world racing game The Crew Motorfest has gone gold. This means that all sorts of development work on the game has now concluded, and the game is ready to be played completely. This was announced by Ubisoft on the official The Crew Motorfest Twitter account where the developer shared that the game is now ready to be played and the publisher cannot wait for players and fans to jump into the game when it comes out.

We’re extremely proud to share that The Crew Motorfest has gone gold! 🎺

On behalf of the team we can not wait to see you all at Motorfest on September 14th! 📆

— The Crew Motorfest (@TheCrewGame) August 16, 2023

The Crew Motorfest is the latest title in The Crew franchise, and it takes a little turn from what the first games were about and tones it down a little in terms of the map. While the first two games featured a shrunken-down version of the entire United States, The Crew Motorfest is set on the magnificent island of Hawai’i and boasts a brand-new approach to its Career with curated and themed playlists taking the main stage. These playlists are special series that are themed around a particular era or car type and will allow you to experience and race powerful and beautiful vehicles from that particular category.

The Crew Motorfest will also feature over 600 vehicles including offroaders, sports cars, muscle cars, racing cars, exotics, planes, and power boats with bikes thrown in the mix as well. Apart from that, players who played The Crew 2 will be able to bring their collection over to The Crew Motorfest as well which will give them a huge boost in terms of their in-game car collection. This is valid for all platforms. The Crew Motorfest also features a brand-new car mechanic system and vast improvements in terms of gameplay and overall gameplay which makes it the most promising title in the franchise.

The Crew Motorfest is slated for release on September 14, 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Pre-orders are now live for the game and if you pre-order the Gold or Ultimate Edition, you will be able to jump into the game three days early.

What are your thoughts on The Crew Motorfest going Gold and are you looking forward to playing the game when it comes out next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry