Upcoming RTS Tempest Rising Gets Free Prologue and New Tailer

Tempest Rising

Brand-New RTS Tempest Rising Aims at Bringing the Command and Conquer Era Back to Life

Tempest Rising

During the THQ Nordic showcase, we got to see the brand-new RTS Tempest Rising in action which is looking like a love letter to the amazing command and conquer titles that we all grew up playing. Developed by Slipgate Ironworks and published by THQ Nordic and 3D Realms, Tempest Rising is aiming to bring back the genre to life by combining the classic action of the RTS genre with modern production and performance standards.

Check out the latest trailer of Tempest Rising below before we jump into additional details:

Tempest Rising is set in the battle-scared 1997 in an alternate timeline where the Cuban Missile Crisis went nuclear, and a strange red electrical vine known as Tempest has started to appear across the planet. It has managed to change the course of history and you will be there to command three completely different factions to experience this post-war world. The game will feature two separate campaigns which will offer deep and rewarding gameplay that maintains a focus on strategy and skill.

The game will also offer built-in customization options which will allow players to approach the game in their own way in both single-player and multiplayer. Key features of the game include:

Classic RTS base-building with fast, fluid, hard-hitting combat and tons of customization
Three asymmetrical factions, each featuring unique harvesting models, individual secondary resource systems, and distinct rosters of units providing drastically different playstyles
Two epic single-player campaigns with between-mission cutscenes to drive the story
Skirmish and multiplayer modes, including ranked matchmaking with Elo rating and unranked matchmaking

If you want to try out Tempest Rising right now, a free prologue of the game is now available on PC via Steam which will give you a taste of what we can expect from the full game when it comes out. You can also add it to your wishlist if you are interested in more news or want to jump into the game when it comes out.

Tempest Rising

The preview will give you a chance to play the first mission of the GDF, one of the factions in the game, and put five different units in your hand including the Drone Operator and the Sentinel Scout Car. It also features five enemy types in the game and also gives you a small taste of the base building, intel, and air strikes featured in the game.

What are your thoughts on Tempest Rising and what are you expecting to see in the full game when it launches later this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry