Warhaven Announces Release Date at gamescom 2023

WARHAVEN adalah Judul Terbaru untuk Menampilkan NVIDIA DLSS 3

Warhaven Release Date

NEXON has announced the release date for its upcoming medieval 12 vs 12 objective-based medieval fantasy brawler Warhaven. Warhaven will release into early access on PC via Steam on September 21, 2023, and the publisher showcased the brand-new gameplay trailer at gamescom 2023. As per the announcement, players looking forward to jumping into the game only have to wait a month more. Check out the gamescom 2023 trailer for Warhaven below before we jump into additional details:

The latest trailer for Warhaven also showcases Blade, one of the characters available for players to battle within the game. Apart from the trailer showcased at the Opening Night Live, an extended cinematic trailer and an exclusive developer interview were also held at IGN Live @ gamescom. This extended trailer revealed a deeper story behind Blade’s motivation for entering the fray.

Blade is a soldier who will not let death prevent him from seeking revenge against the tyrant who killed his parents. He is armed with a massive sword, from which he gets his name, and is a fierce fighter on the battlefield as he charges in where others fear. Warhaven’s Game Director Eunseok Yi also shared an in-depth look at the combat of the game that players can experience with Blade when the game comes out next month.

Warhaven will be a free-to-play title and will feature 12-vs-12 player objective-based battles. The war between the Alliance and the Mara dominates the world of Herath and warriors armed with swords, spears, maces, and other fierce weapons don armor to conquer their rivals and seize control of important tactical vantage points. Successful fighters will be able to become Immortals whose incredible powers will be able to sway the tide of the battle. The Early Access release of Warhaven will have many differences and changes from its beta versions shared earlier.

The biggest change in it will be that the squad sizes are now reduced to 3 from 4 and the overall battle will now be a 12-vs-12 player battle instead of the original 16-vs-16 concept. Additionally, the developer is also reducing immortal incarnations to once per match to help balance the battles. Onslaught and Arms Race game modes are also making a return with clearer victory conditions to add more variety to the gameplay. You can check out the recent dev log for all changes coming in the early access release.

Previously, NEXON showcased the amazing NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology in action in Warhaven and also released the cinematic trailer for the game. Global beta for the game was held back in 2022 which saw a decent number of players taking part in it. Warhaven is slated for its Early Access release on September 20, 2023, and if you are interested in playing it, you can head over to Steam and add it to your wishlist right now.

Are you looking forward to playing Warhaven and what are your thoughts on the new details and release date shared for the game at gamescom 2023? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry