Whateverland Gets Release Date for Consoles, Free Prologue

Whateverland Consoles

Whateverland Release Date

Developer Caligari Games and publisher Drageus Games S.A. have announced the release date of Whateverland for consoles along with the release of a free prologue. Whateverland is an upcoming point-and-click adventure game combined with turn-based board game mechanics. After its PC debut back in 2022, the console version of Whateverland is releasing on September 22, 2023. To celebrate, the publisher has released a free prologue for the game across all three platforms for free.

Whateverland is a unique mashup of genres that combines the gameplay mechanics of point-and-click mechanics and the strategic thinking of turn-based board games and presents everything in artsy graphics. The unique visuals of the game are hand-painted, and it also features a branching dialogue system, non-linear gameplay, multiple endings, and a unique turn-based board game. The game follows the adventures of a skilled thief called Vincent who tries to steal a precious necklace from the mansion of an old lady named Beatrice.

It turns out that Beatrice is a witch, and she catches Vincent in the act and to punish him, sends Vincent into a parallel world that she had created as a prison for her enemies. Inside this prison, Vincent teams up with a ghost named Nick and now both of them must escape this prison. Based on your decisions made in the game, you will unlock a particular ending. The game will give you freedom to explore and see what works for you in that particular playthrough however once you make a choice, you have to commit to it.

Whateverland is currently available on PC, published by WhisperGames, and will be released on consoles on September 22, 2023, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. You can download and play the free prologue of the game right now on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch which will give you a small taste of what you can expect from the full game when it launches next month. The console release was originally announced back in July 2023.

What are your thoughts on the consoles release date announcement of Whateverland? Have you already played the game, or will you pick it up next month on your favorite console? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry