You Can Now Cosplay Shiva in FFXIV With the New Iceheart’s Attire


It’s time to summon the power of a goddess and lead the Dravanians to victory as Lady Iceheart’s attire hits the Final Fantasy XIV Store. The iconic attire of Ysayle Dangoulain has been added to FFXIV’s cash shop, giving players a chance to cosplay as the goddess Shiva herself.

The attire hit the store early on the morning of Sept. 13, and was a surprise introduction without any prior announcement. The outfit consists of the Iceheart Robe, Iceheart Armlets, Iceheart Bottoms, and Iceheart Thighboots, and are not gender or race locked. This means if players fancy dressing up anyone from their female Lalafell to their male Hyur in Lady Iceheart’s Attire, they can go right ahead.

The set retails for $12.00 and includes every piece in the set. It is delivered a single character, so no account-wide Shiva cosplays unless players dole out the cash for each character.

ffxiv-lady-iceheart-attire.jpgImage via Square Enix

Even outside of dressing up as Ysayle, many pieces of this costume would be great for glamour for those who love to mix and match outfits. The short skirt, long robe, high boots, and half gloves all work very well on their own, and could be great for a caster or healer glamour. 

Final Fantasy XIV has slowly been adding NPC costumes to the online store for a long while now. While the majority of them are in the cash shop, the opportunity is there for people to dress up as their favorite character either for roleplay or just for fun. And given there’s now hundreds of noteworthy NPCs in FFXIV, and many who have pushed to the front of the line of popularity, players are excited to see Ysayle getting some love from Square Enix.

Author: Jesse Perry