Relaxing City Builder Planetiles Coming to Steam and Switch


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Relaxing City Builder Planetiles Coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch


Publisher The Iterative Collective and developer MythicOwl have announced that their upcoming title Planetiles will be available at PAX West 2023. After showcasing their relaxing city builder Planetiles at gamescom 2023, the team is now heading to Pax West 2023 later this week to showcase a demo for their brand-new title. MythicOwl is known for its development work on titles such as Hexologic and Harmony’s Odyssey. In Planetiles, players will find new planets for humankind, create, and upgrade their settlements, protect them from a variety of natural disasters and conquer the stars as they expand to new planets.

Check out the latest gamescom 2023 trailer for Planetiles:

The planets in Planetiles are unique when it comes to their size, landscape, and difficulty. You will find a different set of unlockable cosmetics, different tile types and available structures when you arrive on a planet. Your goal in the game will be to craft natural habitats on remote planets as you create a space haven for people and protect them from natural disasters. You will evolve your world as you complete different quests while crafting unique biomes and unlocking bonuses and new tile types.

Key Features of Planetiles include:

Create space havens on remote planets
Protect them from disasters & natural cataclysms
Evolve your habitat with structure upgrades
Complete challenging quests & missions
Unlock new tile types and various bonuses
Relax with unique, ambient space tunes
Discover humanity’s next resort


Planetiles is slated for release on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch, and you can download and try a free demo of the game on PC right now. If you are interested in trying out the game, you can also visit the developers at PAX West 2023 and try it out there as well.

What are your thoughts on Planetiles and will you be checking out the game at its Pax West 2023 booth? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry