The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family Beginner’s Guide

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family Beginner’s Guide

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family Beginner’s Guide

If you are not running around for your life in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, it means that you are hunting down the Victims and trying your best to kill them before they make it off your property with their lives. While The Texas Chain Saw Massacre loses its horror element while playing as the Family, you do not have to lose the game just because you are playing as the Family. For this very reason, we have curated this The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family Beginner’s Guide which will help you play as the Family in the game.

Family Beginner’s Guide – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Below you will find some tips and tricks that will help you play as the Family members and ensure that no victim escapes from under your watchful eye.

Understand the Basic Gameplay Loop

While playing as the Family, you will be required to find and hunt the Victims that are on the loose on your property. Unlike the Victims, the whole map is accessible to you right from the start of the game and you can use this to your advantage. As a member of the Family, your goal is to find and eliminate all of the Victims. There are some other character-specific bits that you can do as well in the game, however, the basic loop is always the same. You cannot kill the Victims instantly because you first have to damage them enough and then finally execute them. Injured Victims can still run away from you, so you have to make sure that you finish the job when you start one.

Leatherface always starts in the basement alongside the Victims while the other two Family players spawn on the outer sections of the map closer to the exits. From there, you have to work around the map, place down traps, destroy hidden paths and other hiding places, and make the Victims crawl out of their hiding spaces in order to kill them. Depending on your playable characters, you can enhance fortifications to make them tougher and also add special traps to useful items, like Sissy poisoning medkits to make the game even tougher for the Victims. This is the only basic gameplay loop in each game for the Family members.

Understand the Map Layout

Similar to the Victims, it is equally important for the Family players to have a thorough understanding of each map layout as well. This is important because there are hidden paths, crawl spaces, and whatnot in nearly every area of the game from where the Victims can escape pretty easily. Similarly, make sure that you are not just patrolling one area and thoroughly inspecting each and every cranny of the area to find your victims. Having a good understanding of the map will allow you to make sure that you are properly covering all of the exits and crawl spaces.

During my early playthroughs, I was unable to detect any of the Victims because I was only sticking to the main areas but there are a lot of hidden areas, pathways, secret places, and even the patches of tall grass that can easily hide the Victims. The Victims are also fairly short in their body sizes so they can fit everywhere which makes it extremely important that as a Family member, you cover every area and pathway properly. You can also team up and protect the exits easily from escaping Victims. For this, playing as the Victim is also beneficial as you can see what type of paths and hidden areas are there. So sometimes playing as the Victim will also increase your game with the Family members because you will understand how the Victims work in the game.

Keep Your Ears and Eyes Open

It goes metaphorically but you have to listen closely and also look closely for any signs of victims. There are tons of opportunities in the game where you will get a signal on the screen, or you will hear through the speakers a Victim making noise in a particular area of the game. Chances are that the Victim will be gone from that exact spot when you arrive there, but it will give you a general idea of their location. There are visual cues as well as sound cues on Victim’s locations so make sure that you are always listening closely to them.

Feed Grandpa Blood Whenever You Can

While the Grandpa is wheelchair-bound, he will help you massively if you feed him blood regularly. There are different blood-collection buckets spread over every map and you can also collect blood from injuring the Victims. The buckets need time to be refilled after every use and if you use Sissy for collecting the blood, you will gain a little bit extra blood every time. Feed Grandpa to level him up and he will become a really worthy asset for your team. At each of his upgrade levels, the grandpa will become more and more effective at detecting the Victims and if you manage to feed him enough blood, Grandpa will be maxed out and will even detect the Victims even if they are not moving around.

Use Your Character’s Special Abilities to the Max

Similar to the Victims, each of the Family members also comes up with their own special abilities that will help you take down Victims much more easily. You can make the map a living hell by utilizing your special abilities. Sissy can poison the medkits while Leatherface can use his powerful chainsaw to break down bolted doors and blockades which will allow a clear path for other family members to chase down victims easily. Use the abilities to their full and you will have a great time taking down the Victims in style.

General Tips and Tricks for Family Gameplay in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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Focus on all victims equally instead of just one victim. If the whole team is going after one Victim, the other Victims may use this opening to their benefit and open up a pathway to the exit quickly. The whole Family should spread out and look for their own targets because every Family member is equally good at taking down Victims in their own unique ways.
Protect the Grandpa from assaulting Victims. The grandpa is a powerful tool in your hunt and if a Victim manages to get close to them and they have a Bone Scrap, they will be able to attack the Grandpa and incapacitate him. This will result in a timeout for all of your free Victim-detecting screams, and you will not be able to feed blood to the grandpa once he is recovered. This also lowers his level so make sure that one of the Family members is keeping a close eye on the Grandpa as well while looking around for Victims.
The Victims are clumsy, and they will make plenty of sounds as they are trying to look for tools, dig out Bone Scraps, or pick locks. Every time a Victim makes a noise, it will be marked on the screen. Make sure you are listening closely and keeping an eye out for any markers that may appear on the screen when a Victim makes a sound. These appear in red on the screen and will mostly highlight the source of the sound in its outline such as a chicken or a trap.
All of the Family members can open locked doors and then lock them again as well. If a Victim has managed to escape from you, you can head back to the exit gate and lock it once more and electrify it again as well if you have to. Apart from this, you can also lock many other doors again as well such as the one leading into the basement or the one which leads to the final area of the map. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any unlocked doors and always lock them behind you.
If the Victims are taking it too long to escape from the property, they will start leaving behind blood trails. The longer the Victims take to escape from the property, the clearer these blood trails become for you to spot. If you are unable to find any Victims for a long time and the game is just dragging along, start looking for these blood stains as they will lead you to the Victims.

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This concludes our The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry