The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Beginner’s Guide

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Beginner's Guide

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Beginner's Guide

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Beginner’s Guide is a brutal game, and it gets even harder if you are playing as the Victim because you will have to survive the onslaught of the Family members and perform different tasks while escaping them with your life. However, your life as a Victim does not have to be very hard because the Victims have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. For this very reason, we have curated The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Beginner’s Guide in which we will guide you on everything that you need to know while playing as a Victim in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Victim Beginner’s Guide – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Below you will find some helpful points on what you need to do and how you can escape the Family while playing as a Victim.

Understand the Basic Gameplay Loop

If you are playing as a Victim, despite what the level is or your character is, the basic loop for the Victim is the same in every game of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. You will start in the basement tied and you first have to wiggle yourself free. From there, you have to find the key, open the door, and gain access to the outdoor region. Once out of the basement, you have to unlock one of the two available doors to unlock the final area of the map and from there, escape the Family after solving the final puzzle. You have to avoid traps, watch out for the Family members, and look for supplies while moving around. Despite what character you choose as the Victim, you will all have the same basic gameplay loop.

Understand the Core Strength of your Chosen Victim

Now that we have the basic gameplay loop out of the mind, your next step is to understand what your particular Victim excels at. Just like the Family members, each Victim comes with a particular skill that comes in massive help if used properly. You have to keep in mind that going solo is not always the way so working together as a group will always be beneficial.

For example, Connie excels at unlocking locks and if you use her special ability, she will instantly unlock and pick locks without failing them so you should always let her do the lockpicking. Similarly, Leland is able to tackle the Family members and stun them for a short time so if someone gets cornered, Leland can help them escape. Understand each victim’s core strengths and use them accordingly.

Understand the Types of Exits in Each Level

One of the most important mechanics in every level is the exit gate and depending on your level, you will get one of four types of exits. You will need to solve this mini-puzzle before you can unlock the final gate and escape from the Family. The different types of exits in each level include the generator exit, the car battery exit, the fuse exit, and the valve exit. The generator and the car battery exits will require you to either shut down the generator or take off the wires from a car’s battery.

In both scenarios, the exit gate, or the floor right next to the gate will be electrified and you will be electrocuted if you go near it. For these types of exits, there are always wires leading away from the gate. All you need to do is follow the wires and disconnect their source which will allow you to unlock the final door and escape. For the Fuse and the Valve exit, you will need to explore around a bit, find their required items and put them in place, or remove them depending on the scenario and then escape. In all cases, you will need to avoid the family at all costs.

Understand the Layout of the Map

There are multiple maps in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and each time, the map will have the same aesthetics, but it will be randomly generated which means that the escape routes, traps, pathways, and exits will look the same but they will be shuffled around. Overall, the map remains pretty much the same with plenty of hidden pathways, tight alleys, and crawl spaces and it will be up to you to remember key locations while you are sneaking around. Find useful items and tools and make sure that you are always sneaking and trying not to make too much noise. Understanding the layout of each map is crucial for successfully avoiding the Family and escaping from the map with your life.

Generic Tips for Victim Gameplay in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Always avoid the chickens. They will make too much noise if you pass near them even when you are sneaking. They are found in some critical places and will often force you to take the long way around instead of the short way to a key location. It is a bargain that you will need to think about in your particular situation. The chickens will make a noise and alert the family of your position in a second.
Always keep a medkit handy. While it may be tempting to instantly heal yourself when you find a medkit and remain in full health, sometimes it is better to hold its use for a more desperate time. There will be instances where the family member may attack you but fail to execute you and might need to heal yourself later. Save medkits for these desperate times and if you are already at full health, leave such supplies for your other team members.
In mini-games, where speeding up increases the chances of you making noises such as finding tools or picking locks, always try to be silent unless you have Leland around with you. In this scenario, Leland can only tackle and stun one Family member and give you a little time but otherwise, instead of speed-taping, take it slow to avoid making too much noise and alerting the Family around you. It is always beneficial to take a little time and complete these tasks instead of making too much noise and attracting the whole family towards you.
The edges of your screen alerts you of incoming Family members so always keep an eye on it. It starts with the white color and depending on your proximity to them, it will gradually increase in its density going from white to orange and to red if they are right beside you. When it turns red, you can throw caution to the wind and start running for your life because, at this time, they have pretty much seen you.
I cannot emphasize this enough and I have seen this during my playthroughs of the game as well, there is zero teamwork when playing as Victims in the game. While it may seem feasible to your separate ways, it is actually more helpful if the Victims stick together and help each other out. The whole point of giving specific strengths and weaknesses to each character is that the Victims have to help each other in different situations. Even if it is not a special event, even in normal scenarios, having someone at your back is immensely helpful as they can keep an eye out for threats while you can look around for tools or pick locks.
Your worst enemy while playing as Victims is the Grandpa who might be seated in one spot, will howl every now and then, and when he does, you will be spotted if you are moving around. When this is about to happen, you will get a notification on your screen and the game will ask you to stay still to avoid detection. The Family has to feed Grandpa blood to level him up and if he is upgraded enough, he can detect you even when you are standing still. One of the teammates should make stabbing a priority in every game because this will incapacitate him for some time. Bone Scraps are found in the basement area which need to be dug out, but they will help you stab Grandpa and reduce his level and also incapacitate him for some time.
While running around, always try to cause diversions and blockades for pursuing Family members. If you are running through doors, make sure that you always close them because any pursuers will have to slow down to open these doors. In addition, if you see a wall crack or a wired box, use them to escape however some of the smaller family members like Hitchhiker and Sissy can crawl through these places while Leatherface can just outright destroy them using his chainsaw so you need to be mindful of which Family member is chasing you down.

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This concludes our The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victim Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry