Void Crew Steam Early Access Release Date Announced

Void Crew Early Access

Co-Op Galactic Adventure Void Crew Steam Early Access Release Date Announced

Void Crew Early Access

Developers Focus Interactive and Hutlihut Games have announced the Early Access release date of their upcoming title Void Crew. Void Crew is a co-op galactic adventure and will be released in Steam Early Access on September 7, 2023. Void Crew is termed a groundbreaking space odyssey and will allow you to experience an unparalleled co-op experience through the cosmos. To celebrate the release, the developers are teaming up with streamer Jesse Cox for a livestream showcasing the game in action.

Check out the reveal trailer for Void Crew below to see the game in action:

Void Crew is a title in Focus Entertainment’s Indie series and is currently under development at Hutlihut. The game will start its journey as an Early Access title where the developers will continue working on the title alongside its fans and finalize the title for its full release. In Void Crew, the cosmos will be your playground as you and your crew of 2-4 players will embark on a wild space ride. You will need to overcome enemy Hollow factions in intense space skirmishes as you command your spaceship using tactile mechanics and ensure that all damage is repaired before the ship falls apart.

You and your crew will need to swiftly shift roles and adapt strategies to succeed. Whether it is helming the ship or engineering systems, you will hold the reigns to your own destiny. The game offers a flexible player role system that will allow you to unleash your creativity and adaptability and swift on-the-go ship system installations. The ship customizer will allow you to deck out your ship with a range of gadgets that tip the scales in any interstellar encounter, and you can also customize your character with rich character upgrades.

Key features of Void Crew include:

Team-up as a crew of 4 in co-op: Round up your best buddies up to 4 players, and you’re in for a wild space ride!
Your ship, your way to play: With a flexible player role system and on-the-go installable ship systems you’ll be able to switch your strategies faster than a rogue asteroid changes course.
Customize and upgrade: Give your character a spiffy new look with rich upgrades, or add more toys to your ship! You’ll be the most powerful and stylish crew in the galaxy!

Void Crew Early Access

Void Crew is slated for its early access release on PC via Steam on September 7, 2023. A Steam page for Void Crew is also now live where you can add the game to your wishlist and jump in the game next week if it interests you.

What are your thoughts on Void Crew and is it something that you would be interested in playing when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jesse Perry