Destiny 2 Savathun’s Spire Guide


Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch is here and it brings a new seasonal activity called Savathun’s Spire. Savathun’s Spire is a matchmade, three-person activity where players must enter a tower in Savathun’s Throne World. 

There is a Classic mode with a power level requirement of 1760 and a Legend mode with a power level requirement of 1810. The Legend mode features Champions, threats, surges, and overcharged weapons alongside locked equipment. In this elemental-themed activity, players make their way up the spire, facing obstacles and hordes of enemies in each encounter. This guide explains how the Savathun’s Spire activity works, the encounters, what rewards players can get, and secrets along the way.


Savathun’s Spire Crystal and Plate Mechanics

Before the start of every encounter, a card is picked at random from the Deck of Whispers to give players a Major Arcana buff. 


Then, players must fight waves of enemies and minibosses called “Votarists” while completing crystal or plate objectives — each of which is tied to a Light subclass element. There are a few objectives for players to tackle throughout Savathun’s Spire:

Solar Crystals: This objective requires players to grab Solar crystals that spawn in the room and deposit them at lamps marked on the HUD. These crystals can also damage players over time as they hold on to them. Also, players can slam the crystal to damage nearby enemies.Void Crystals: This objective requires players to destroy Void crystals scattered in the room since the crystals shield enemies. These crystals are protected by a barrier. Arc Crystals: This objective requires players to melee the charged Arc crystals to get a Crystalline Charge that allows them to power uncharged crystals around the room by using the melee ability. Plates: Alternatively, there is a plate mechanic where players must stand on Hive plates to power them up to spawn a miniboss. Powering up these plates also spawns relic weapons like the Synaptic Spear from Season of the Risen, the Scythe from Season of the Haunted, and Void Crystals that work like the Resonant Shard from the Vow of the Disciple raid.Hive Gunk: If the Wrathborn are the enemy type in the room, chunks of Hive Gunk spawn across the room and obstruct either the crystal mechanic or the plate mechanic. Players must destroy all the pieces of Hive gunk to free up the mechanic of the room to progress the encounter.

Players will fight waves of enemies and minibosses across two encounters in the spire, and then face a final boss. Although there’s a time limit for every encounter, the final boss can be defeated at players’ leisure. Keep in mind, that the bosses and mechanics will vary in every run of Savathun’s Spire.

Savathun’s Spire Secrets

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Each encounter gets progressively more complex in terms of objectives and obstacles, and between every encounter is a jumping puzzle where players can find secret chests. Alongside secret chests, players can collect Opaque Cards that are part of the Solar, Arc, and Void Attunements.

Savathun’s Spire Encounters

First Encounter

For the first encounter in Savathun’s Spire, players will have to fight several ads and Votarist minibosses. This is how the mechanics differ for each element:

Solar Crystals: Solar crystals now spawn upon killing a miniboss, and players need to deposit the crystals until all lamps are powered.Void Crystals: Each Void crystal protects a miniboss, and players need to destroy each crystal to damage the miniboss.Arc Crystals: An initial crystal will charge up with Arc energy whenever a miniboss is killed, and players need to power up every uncharged crystal in the room by meleeing them with Arc energy buff active.Plates: Alternatively, there may be Hive plates along the back walls instead of crystals. Players need to power up those plates to spawn a miniboss. Killing this miniboss will open up another Hive plate to be powered up, and then the team must defeat the final boss.Hive Gunk: Hive gunk spawns across the arena, and players must destroy all of it to progress the encounter.

When enemies are defeated and every objective is complete, an elevator will activate in the middle of the room, leading players to the jumping puzzle before the second encounter of Savathun’s Spire.

Second Encounter 

Players need to complete the crystal objectives to spawn a miniboss while dodging the elemental orb at the center of the arena — the orb applies damage and debuffs depending on the element of the crystal objective. 

Players will need to do this rotation three times to finish the objective. This is how the mechanics differ for each element:

Solar Crystals: The objective remains the same as the first encounter. The orb in the middle will cause Solar burn damage to players if they get too close to it. Void Crystals: The objective for Void crystals changes a bit from the first encounter as players now need to destroy crystals to get a buff that would power up plates marked in the room. The orb in the middle tethers players if they get too close to it.Arc Crystals: The objective remains the same as the first encounter. The orb in the middle can slow and disorient players if they get too close to it.Plates: Instead of crystals, players will need to charge three Hive plates around the room to spawn a miniboss. The orb in the middle of the room and the miniboss will have the same subclass element tied to them.Hive Gunk: The objective remains the same as the first encounter but there is the possibility of a new encounter alongside the ones mentioned above. Here, there are three shielded Wizards alongside a shielded miniboss. Players need to destroy chunks of Hive gunk near each Wizard to remove their shield. Removing all Wizard’s shields takes away the miniboss’ shield. Players will need to repeat this thrice to clear the encounter.

Completing the objectives in this encounter will open up a mirror portal that leads players to the Labyrinth jumping puzzle that uses a Hive symbol code. You need to jump through more portals matching the Hive symbol combination.

Final Boss Encounter 

Regardless of the enemy type, the boss fight will start with players dealing damage to a boss. When at the boss’s health gate, complete the crystal or plate mechanic to break the shield of the boss. Also, defeating all bosses in Savathun’s Spire completes the Might and Magic Triumph in Season of the Witch.


(Lucent Hive Wardens) Zhirah, Ur-Hiruk, and Dul Alai, Wardens of the Spire: This boss fight features three Lucent Lightbearers. Two of the Lightbearers have a shield, and the third Lightbearer does not. The Lightbearer without a shield indicates the element of the crystal objective. (Scorn Experiment) Once-Iriis, Failed Variable: This boss fight has a Scorn Abomination that can be damaged up to half its health before spawning Solar plates around the room. Charge up the plates to break the boss’s shield, but be careful since the boss will stand in front and shoot toward the plate. Also, clones of the Scorn Abomination shoot at players charging the plates. Defeat the clones, and once every plate is powered up, defeat the Scorn Abomination.(Wrathborn Incursion) Golakh, Befouler: This boss has a large Wrathborn Ogre that can be damaged up to half its health, just like Once-Iriis, Failed Variable. Getting the boss to half its health will create chunks of Hive gunk around the arena, which are covering the bells. Destroying all of these opens up the boss to damage again, but it spawns Wrathborn Brigs and several ads around the map. Defeat the Brigs and then the Befouler.

Savathun’s Spire Loot Pool

Completing Savathun’s Spire will spawn a chest with gear from Season of the Witch.

Seasonal ArmorSeasonal WeaponsHive Offerings for Altars of SummoningOpaque Cards

If players have a Witch Key, the key is automatically consumed when opening this chest, and the rewards are supposedly better with additional weapons or armor, more Hive offerings, and even Witch Engrams. There is a chance that the weapons from completing Savathun’s Spire have a Deepsight Resonance that counts towards their pattern progress, but the chance is significantly improved if players use a Witch Key.

Author: Jesse Perry