My Perfect Hotel Becomes Most-Downloaded Game in the World

My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel

Developer Redux Games and publisher SayGames are celebrating the recent success of their hybrid casual hit game My Perfect Hotel. My Perfect Hotel has managed to reach new heights as it tops the global charts including North America to become the most downloaded game with an incorporated hybrid monetization model. My Perfect Hotel was released back in August 2022 and since its release, the game has managed to reach the top 10 free game positions in all key markets with over 50 million downloads to date.

The developer and publisher utilized a long-term product and marketing strategy and were able to significantly improve the game monetization performance using the publisher’s tools, SayGames Services. It was created for streamlined hybrid casual games marketing analysis, LiveOps, A/B testing, creative testing, playable performance testing, competitor analysis, game analytics, and more. Thanks to this, SayGames were able to scale user acquisition globally with the game reaching the top 1 free game position in 50+ countries including the US and adding 1 million players per day, and being the most downloaded game in the world.

Past releases by SayGames include many successful hybrid casual games such as DreamDale by Hypernova Games and a lot of their releases are reaching significant revenue growth. Anton Volnykh, Chief Publishing Officer of SayGames comments that the publisher’s long-term approach to product development and marketing continues to be very successful with more games becoming global hits over time, after many months of improvements and iterations. This is different from the hypercasual model with its fast releases and short product life cycles.

Yegor Vaikhanski, CEO of SayGames also adds:

Our continuous investment in our publishing tools and growing liveops expertise is showing positive results, allowing us to operate and market global hits such as ‘My Perfect Hotel’. There is still a long way ahead and we will continue to work closely with our developer partners to ensure we provide the best possible products to create truly successful games.

My Perfect Hotel is currently available on iOS and Android devices, and you can check out the publisher’s official website for additional details.

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Author: Jesse Perry